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Advanced Ecommerce Technology for Retail and Sales

A good Ecommerce implementation needs excellent execution of design, content and programming. Indiamap Hosting can improve your sales and gains from your Ecommerce through rich expertise and experience.

Indiamap's Ecommerce Services begin from Rs 100,000 onwards for a fully complete and tested Ecommerce website begun afresh. Investment in an Ecommerce venture depends on the number of products, the volume of business expected and the sophistication and features. Our team can provide a quote after understanding requirements.

Indiamap uses proprietary technology for the Ecommerce implementation as this provides improved reliability, scalability and performance besides making it possible to customise the Store and sales experience for the user depending on the products offered.

A complete Ecommerce implementation can be completed within as low as one month if information and details about the products are available. The time is needed for design, content creation, reviews and approvals, programming, data migration and testing.

The Indiamap team is available for any form of technology and infrastructure support. For our Ecommerce implementations, we require customers to use our infrastructure and hosting as these are optimised for Ecommerce and have additional software and services built-in.

Features and advantages of Indiamap's Ecommerce:
  • Experienced team of designers, writers and technologists
  • Designed for success, maximises sales and revenues
  • Sophisticated technology and infrastructure for reliability, scalability and performance
  • Strong visual appeal and user experience, resulting in loyalties and repeat purchases
  • Quick and smooth implementation with well thought-out design, content and features
  • Committed technology success to ensure success of your Ecommerce initiative
  • Advanced infrastructure for performance and scalability of your Ecommerce