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Premium Hosting Solutions for Cost-Effective Infrastructure

Indiamap Premium Hosting can help ensure reliable operation of your websites, email services and applications 24 x 7 with assistance and technology support from the Indiamap team whenever needed.

Our Premium Hosting is shared across multiple customers but optimised to ensure high performance on each account. Allocation of space, processor capabilities and data transfer is structured to ensure that all websites and applications have adequate performance available at all times.

Indiamap Premium Hosting differs from most shared hosting services as we allocate a limited number of accounts onto our servers and ensure high performance and reliability.

Premium Hosting services begin at Rs 10,000 annual costs depending on the specifications and features of the services.

Features and Advantages of Indiamap Premium Hosting:
  • Advanced and high specification infrastructure and servers
  • Adequate allocation of space, processor, memory and data transfer
  • Reliable 24 x 7 service assurance and performance
  • Technology support from the Indiamap team
  • Quick response and trouble-shooting
  • Easy setup and operation